Hi, I'm Calvin

As a registered clinical counsellor, I help men reclaim their lives from anxiety and depression and discover inner strengths that can help them move forward in life.

 Joel Durkovic



As one of Calvin's former clinical supervisors, I believe anyone who meets with Calvin for counselling or consultation will be in good hands. Calvin is engaged, curious, genuine, and insightful.


This counselling page explains the reasons why you might want to book counselling sessions with me. I also highlight a few things you can do right now to address the problem that is bothering you.

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I am a certified Strengthsfinder Coach with Nazarene Strengths Institute. This video explains what the Clifton Strengthsfinder assessment is and how it can help you move forward in life.

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This free ebook reveals 7 habits of engaged dads. It's easy to be a dad, but it's far more challenging to be engaged with your kids and partner in a way that encourages them to be the best they can be.

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